Natasha Bedingfield Calls Romance 'Female Viagra'  | Natasha Bedingfield

When it comes to love, Natasha Bedingfield says skip the little blue pills: romance is even better than a pocketful of sunshine.

"Romance is female Viagra!" Bedingfield beams to PEOPLE, referring to her relationship with fiancé Matt Robinson, who proposed on Sep. 7.

The British pop singer, 26, who is the face of Cosmopolitan magazine's "Star launch: The Search for the Next Female Rockstar," says the couple revels in romance, from love letters to flowers to chocolate. "In reality, relationships have ups and downs. If someone is worth enough to you, then you both fight to stay true through the tough times. Advice to guys: Keep the romance alive. Simple things like giving flowers or remembering special dates may sound cheesy but they do work."

It doesn’t hurt that Bedingfield is absolutely ga-ga over her future husband’s good looks: "My fiancĂ© Matt is hotter to me than David Beckham! He is honest, funny, charming and hot."

On December 5, the three remaining contestants of "StarLaunch" will open for Bedingfield during a December 5th show in New York City. The winner will receive $10,000 and the opportunity to record a three-track demo with a big music producer.

by People.